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Abundantly Ashley

A Bundle of Abundance Plus

A Bundle of Abundance Plus

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Jute Yoga Mat
Block & Strap Set

The Bundle of Abundance Plus package is perfect for anyone who will benefit from a moment of "me" time. Society may make you feel guilty for taking time for yourself and resting, but we promise you rest is productive and imperative. It's time you pour into yourself and refill the cup you use to constantly pour into those around you. It's time to add yourself back onto your calendar.

Bundle of Abundance Plus includes: 

  • Private Yoga session (40min) virtual, in-person
  • Natural Fibre Jute Premium Yoga Mat 
  • Block & Strap Set
  • Yoga Poses Ebook

Private 1:1 session allow us to meet you where you are along your yoga journey-- this session is tailored to your flexibility levels and all that you desire. The 40 minutes will include connection to higher self, confidence coaching and affirmation expression. 

Natural Fibre Jute Premium Yoga Mat made of natural Jute Fibers & PER Polymer Environmental Resin, is durable, light-weight & has a textured surface suitable for Superior Grip. Made of 100% raw materials, it has antimicrobial properties for extra-sweaty practices.

EVA Yoga Block & Strap set provides the stability and balance needed in your practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength.

Yoga Pose Ebook provides 100+ yoga poses and descriptions to assist your yoga practice and advance at your own pace.  


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