Reducing Inflammation

Reducing Inflammation

Whenever you are feeling the stress building up for a longer period, it means there is a high chance you are suffering from inflammation. This comes as a result of your body’s response to stress.

That being said, there are two types of inflammation – acute and chronic.

The acute one happens when the body sustains an injury, be it small or big. It is manifested by swelling or redness in a particular area that is hurting. On the other hand, chronic inflammation happens when the body has endured long periods of stress, poor diet, toxins, excess body fat, etc.

In essence, chronic inflammation is the more dangerous one, and there is a reason why it is so. The length of the period one endures under pressure due to different life circumstances impacts the overall health. This is why today we are looking into ways to reduce the inflammation in the body.

How does inflammation affect the body?

Once the chronic inflammation settles in the body, it can wreak havoc. You might not even notice it until it has spread. If it is not tended to soon, it might spread in the body. At first, it is localized, but after some time, it can spread beyond the initially affected areas.

It is important to note that your prolonged exposure to less than optimal conditions can have a long-term effect on your body. For example, it may result in arthritis, flu-like symptoms, swollen joints, stiffness in the muscles and joints, fatigue, loss of cartilage, etc.

How do you reduce inflammation in the body?

Chronic inflammation can be reduced – all you need to do is adapt to a lifestyle that would suit you more. There are several aspects of how you can make a change. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Nutrition – it seems that people tend to overlook the importance of healthy foods. Longer working hours and a pile of responsibilities can make anyone grab a bite of something unhealthy. However, it is vital to listen to your body! When it requires healthy foods, make sure to consume them. Great examples of foods that reduce inflammation are ginger, turmeric, leafy greens, avocado, blueberries, strawberries, etc. Taking care of yourself from a nutritional point of view is extremely important. It is a part of the quest of maintaining balance and living a healthy life.

  2. Movement and being active – you can start with slow yoga that will nurture you back to normal. Treating chronic inflammation with exercise has proven to be a highly successful approach. Plus, it does not have to be an hour-long exercise. All you need in the beginning is about 15 minutes.

  3. Supplements and herbs – this is a great way to reduce inflammation by clearing out your system of toxins. But we always advise you to check in with your doctor and consult which supplements or herbs would be most suitable for you. Some of the best (and natural) ones are ginger, curcumin, and spirulina.

Reducing inflammation should be one of the key aspects of your life. It is of utmost importance to try to remain as healthy as possible. If you feel like you need assistance on this topic, feel free to contact us. Book a consultation with our nutrition professionals and start your journey towards a healthier way of living!

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